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    Want a 3M Paint Protection Film in Hamilton Near You?

    Installing a paint protection film on your car will enable you to keep the original manufacturer’s finish and protect your vehicle from scratches and rust. Applying 3M paint protection film allows you to keep your car looking new for a long time and increase its resale value. Here are some vital points to note about the features and benefits of this product, which is also used by NASCAR to protect expensive race cars.

    Paint protection film is a durable, long-lasting clear urethane film that protects the finish of your vehicle. It preserves the show-quality appearance of your car, without altering the colour, by forming as an invisible barrier and shielding vital parts of your vehicle.

    Paint protection film may be installed by our qualified and 3M certified technicians on the parts of your vehicle that require protection from stains, chips, scratches, and harsh weather elements. 3M paint protection will also protect your door edges and handles from scratches caused by keys, rings, and purses. Your rocker panels will also be shielded from the stones and dirt thrown up by your tires.


    Benefits of 3M Car Protection Film

    3M is the original manufacturer of paint protection film and their products stand out among other brands for the following reasons:

    • Exceptional Durability: The latest version of car paint protection from 3M provides excellent resistance to cracking and it does not turn yellow or fade away over time. Thus, it ensures that the finish of your car is of perfect quality.
    • Scratch Resistance and Self-healing: the unique technology included in this product makes it possible for the exterior surface of your car to remain scratch-free for years. Even when minor scratches appear on the surface, they disappear after a short time, keeping your vehicle looking as new as it was when you first purchased it.
    • No Special Maintenance is Required: Your car paint will continue to look great without using a special type of cleaning solution. You can wash your car and apply normal wax to the body to keep the gloss and shine.
    • Long and Comprehensive Warranty: In Canada, 3M provides an extended warranty for paint protection film that covers cracking, bubbling,yellowingand defects. However, this warranty is only applicable to installations done by a 3M certified installer such as our qualified installers at D&D Appearance.
    • Excellent Clarity and Personalized Fit: Due to the low orange peel, this film is one of the clearest in the industry. It does not change the color or design features installed by the manufacturer of your vehicle. In addition, as certified 3M installers, we can leverage a computer library containing thousands of professionally designed patterns to cut parts that will fit your vehicle perfectly.
    • Multiple Choice of Paint Protection Films: 3M provides three different brands of protection films: VentureShield,ScotchGuardand ScotchGuard Pro Series. Each brand by 3M was designed to fit your budget.
    • Removed Safely: Another great benefit of 3M is that the paint protection can be removed safely without damaging your original clear coat. Therefore, if any defects occur, we can remove the film and carefully replace the section of the car with a new film.


    3M car paint protection is the best option for discerning car owners who want to keep the original factory finish and protect it from dents, scratches and unsightly marks. It will also make your car look elegant and raise its resale value.

    Great experience, friendly staff and a clean office. Prices are reasonable. They do take care of your vehicle and have a wonderful waiting area. You can trust them with customizing your vehicle! I had window tinting done there for a BMW X1 Suv. Tint is still drying and the fact that they offer lifetime warranty is great also.

    Saad Amjad

    Got my car detailed by this company! They did a better job then I could have imagined! Payed attention to every single detail! I will definelty be a return customer! Don't waste your money anywhere else, I guarantee no one pays attention ...More

    Fabiio Seven

    D&D does a fantastic job! They take care of all of our fleet and personal cars. Would highly recommend them.

    Nick Mancini

    I have now used these guys three times. Once for my windows tinted, my tail lights tinted and a full car detail. AND THEY KILLED IT!!! They do an absolute amazing job and great customer service. I always went through Dan and he has been great in helping me with what I'm looking for and be able to provide an outstanding service. Highly recommend these guys!!

    Robert Mussi

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