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    Get Powder Coating for your Alloy Rims Near You

    Alloy rims are one of the most popular car accessories, and can add a new aesthetic flare look to your vehicle. If your rims get dented or scratched, you should either consider replacing them right away, or a powder coating alternative. Alloy rim restoration and powder coating services can help to make your rims look as new as the day you installed them.

    Alloy rim coating is an intricate process that should be done by a professional technician. Car owners should avoid buying new ones, as old alloy rims repaired by techniques such as rim painting and powder coating is the cheaper alternative. A trustworthy alloy rim repair service provider, such as D&D Appearance, can get them patched to good health.

    If this is the first time you are considering getting of getting alloy rim coating, it is beneficial to collect information from friends or family who have previously used powder coating services. References are more than handy, and taking benefits from the experience of others can be very reliable. You can even search on the internet for best alloy rim restoration services in your country or region. Always go with a company that is well respected, and is delivering an unrivaled service to their clients.

    The best restoration and rim coating professionals will always inspect conditions of your rims carefully before making a decision. If they conclude that alloy rim restoration can be performed to perfection, restoration will be the more affordable alternative to getting new ones.

    In the end, it’s true what they say: the quality of the works is directly proportional with the professionalism of the company! Please feel free to contact us at D&D Appearance, and reap the benefits of beautiful alloy rims without having to spend a fortune.

    Great experience, friendly staff and a clean office. Prices are reasonable. They do take care of your vehicle and have a wonderful waiting area. You can trust them with customizing your vehicle! I had window tinting done there for a BMW X1 Suv. Tint is still drying and the fact that they offer lifetime warranty is great also.

    Saad Amjad

    Got my car detailed by this company! They did a better job then I could have imagined! Payed attention to every single detail! I will definelty be a return customer! Don't waste your money anywhere else, I guarantee no one pays attention ...More

    Fabiio Seven

    D&D does a fantastic job! They take care of all of our fleet and personal cars. Would highly recommend them.

    Nick Mancini

    I have now used these guys three times. Once for my windows tinted, my tail lights tinted and a full car detail. AND THEY KILLED IT!!! They do an absolute amazing job and great customer service. I always went through Dan and he has been great in helping me with what I'm looking for and be able to provide an outstanding service. Highly recommend these guys!!

    Robert Mussi

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