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    We Can Repair Your Damaged Rims Near You!

    Keeping your vehicle in good condition is of the utmost importance if you rely on it throughout your day. Regular maintenance is key to keeping your car functioning at peak performance, but what do you do when your car receives unavoidable damage?

    The car wheels are the main aspect of a vehicle that moves your vehicle forward, so damage to a wheel rim can cause a big headache. Repairs of any kind can be a stressful experience to those unfamiliar with the process, that’s why we want you to know exactly what to expect!


    Repairing a Rim

    The rim repair process will vary based on the type and severity of your damage, and these are some basic steps you should expect when you come to D&D Appearance for a rim repair service.

    • The wheel is hooked up to a machine that’s similar to one that would be used to bolt a wheel to your car.
    • Our technician will use the machine to assess the specifics of your damage and use that knowledge to provide you with an accurate estimate of the costs for the repair.
    • After approval to start the rim repair process, the rim of the wheel is heated to add some flexibility.
    • A combination of a hydraulic press and shaping tools are used to adjust your rim back into the proper condition.
    • After the rim is reshaped, the tire will be mounted on the car and checked for any leaks. During this process, the technician will also make sure your tires are balanced correctly to ensure your vehicle doesn’t run into any issues on the road.


    While the exact order and process of these steps will vary from model to model, this service normally includes rims bent or cracked by potholes, rims with curb damage like rashes and scratches and also rims with corrosion and clear coat peeling. Let D&D Appearance help you fix any rim damage!

    Great experience, friendly staff and a clean office. Prices are reasonable. They do take care of your vehicle and have a wonderful waiting area. You can trust them with customizing your vehicle! I had window tinting done there for a BMW X1 Suv. Tint is still drying and the fact that they offer lifetime warranty is great also.

    Saad Amjad

    Got my car detailed by this company! They did a better job then I could have imagined! Payed attention to every single detail! I will definelty be a return customer! Don't waste your money anywhere else, I guarantee no one pays attention ...More

    Fabiio Seven

    D&D does a fantastic job! They take care of all of our fleet and personal cars. Would highly recommend them.

    Nick Mancini

    I have now used these guys three times. Once for my windows tinted, my tail lights tinted and a full car detail. AND THEY KILLED IT!!! They do an absolute amazing job and great customer service. I always went through Dan and he has been great in helping me with what I'm looking for and be able to provide an outstanding service. Highly recommend these guys!!

    Robert Mussi

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