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Hamilton Full-Service Auto Detailing

It’s All in the Details

D&D Appearance in Hamilton wants your vehicle’s appearance to match its performance. Whether you drive a luxury import or an economical domestic, having an attractive, well-maintained vehicle sends others the message that you are someone who cares about the details.

Give Your Car Some TLC

We put our cars through a lot. Whether it’s bumper to bumper highway driving, or driving country roads through the dirt and gravel to the cottage, our vehicles take a lot of abuse. Show your car you care by giving it a day at the spa.

Our Other Services

  • Auto Accessories
  • Bug/Tar Removal (Exterior)
  • Car Washing
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Rim Polishing
  • Tires & Rim’s
  • Tire mounting & Wheel Balancing
  • Salt Stain Removal
  • Scratch Removal
  • Waxing and Buffing
  • Installation of Remote Starters
  • Alarm Systems

Customize it!

If you have a custom request, or you need one – or several – of our listed services for your project car, please feel free to contact us and ask us for a free quote today!

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    Featured Services

    Vehicle Detailing

    cleaning of exterior of car

    The purpose of exterior detailing is to remove dirt, grease, and rust from the surface of the car and restore its gloss and shine with an overall superior finish. We also work on the windows, tires, headlights, and rims.

    Interior detailing involves the removal of all dust and dirt within the vehicle. We clean all the materials used to build the interior such as leather, vinyl, glass, plastic, polymers and diverse types of fabrics.

    Vinyl Car Wraps

    car wraps

    Always providing a professional and friendly service, D&D Appearance is one of Hamilton’s very best car detailing services. If you would like to get a vinyl wrap for your vehicle, then this is the top place to come.

    A very broad range of wraps are available here, and you can rest assured that they will be fitted to your car by a highly experienced and well-trained professional, and applied to your vehicle efficiently.

    Wheel Alignment & Balancing

    wheel alignment balancing

    Our wheel alignment and balancing services can save you a lot of costs in the long run.

    Having a wheel alignment done will serve to increase the lifespan of your tires significantly. During the wheel alignment, the steering and suspension of your vehicle are going to be adjusted to ensure that the tires don’t wear out over time. Alignment is also important because it ensures the car handles corners smoothly.

    Automotive Window Tinting

    window tinting

    If you’ve just purchased the car of your dreams which has great fuel efficiency, built in GPS as well as leather seats, you will need window top notch tint to keep your brand new vehicle looking its very best!

    3M Paint Protection Film

    paint protection

    Installing a paint protection film on your car will enable you to keep the original manufacturer’s finish and protect your vehicle from scratches and rust. Applying 3M paint protection film allows you to keep your car looking new for a long time and increase its resale value.

    Alloy Rim Powder Coating

    alloy rim powder

    Alloy rim restoration and powder coating services can help to make your rims look as new as the day you installed them. If your rims get dented or scratched, you should either consider replacing them right away, or a powder coating alternative.

    Rim Repair

    rim repair

    Save money by fixing a damaged rim you’d replace normally. Our expertise provides us with the ability to assess and repair nearly any kind of rim damage. This service includes rims bent or cracked by potholes, rims with curb damage like rashes and scratches, and also rims with corrosion and clear coat peeling.

    Rim Refinishing

    rim refinishing

    Return the lustre to your day-to-day driver’s wheels with our rim refinishing services. Refinishing your steel rims is an important component of their proper maintenance. For removing curb rash, scrapes, gouges and paint discolouration caused by age, weather, or the occasional understeer when turning left.

    Laser Cut Window Tinting

    window tinting services for cars

    The tint used on the windows is cut with a precise laser from D&D Appearance that will protect both the exterior and interior of your car without removing your windows form the car door during the tinting process. Resulting in a cooler, more comfortable ride faster than traditional tinting methods.

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